• Winfield 1874: James Kirk, 47; spouse, Mary, 42.
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The Autobiography of James T. Kirk


On the infamous and incorrect "James Kirk" tombstone, created by in : "", Kirk's middle initial was R, not T. According to in the introduction for , when the mistake over the middle initial was discovered, Gene Roddenberry decided that if pressed for an answer on the discrepancy, the response was to be ""

"James Tiberius Kirk" was the final choice of name chosen to adorn the new TV show's hero. "James", derived from the Hebrew name Jacob, means "grasps the heel" or "grasps the bottom"; a colloquial equivalent would be "he gets it" or even "he ". "Kirk" is the word for "Church". "Tiberius" was first identified in the episode "", and mentioned again in . was the second , known for his darkness and corruption, from the death of Augustus in 14 AD until his death in 37 AD. "Tiber" was the Latin name for the river that ran through the city of . The name might also possibly have been influenced by the maverick Roman politician Tiberius Gracchus.


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In 2009 the Star Trek franchise received a much-needed boost with the critical and box office success of Star Trek XI, starring Chris Pine as James Kirk. Although Pine’s portrayal of Kirk was unmistakably his own, he did retain much of Shatner’s brash charisma and intelligence. The success of Star Trek XI ensures that we’ll see the character of James Kirk in the movies, and possibly on television, for many years to come. In keeping with more modern renditions of superheroes, such as , Star Trek XI has given Kirk a somewhat darker edge to his character. We look forward to following where Kirk boldly goes in Star Trek XII, scheduled for release in June of 2012.