• Movie poster for New Line Cinema's "Jason X"
  • Before Jason X came out, MadTV did a sketch called “.
  • Jason X was my favourite Friday the 13th part.
  • Yeah, Freddy vs. Jason takes place before Jason X.

Jason X


It was established in the Toho Frankenstein series that the original Frankenstein had the ability to regenerate from the cells of his original heart, which was being experimented on by the WWII Japanese, until the Hiroshima bombing caused it to mutate, and it created a new gigantic Frankenstein which fought Baragon, and was originally also planned to fight King Kong. And in Jason Goes To Hell, they establish that Jason’s heart is being experimented on, and we learn that he can be reborn from it, plus in Jason X we learn that he can mutate into a more powerful form. So maybe someone else had your idea, and was also inspired by Toho Frankenstein?

The film score was composed and conducted by Harry Manfredini. It was released on Varèse Sarabande. Jason X's theme song is "Bodies" by Drowning Pool from their album Sinner. The song, while used in the film's theatrical trailer, does not actually appear in the film itself.


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Avatar Press produced two comic book titles based on this film: , a one-shot by that picks up as a sequel to the movie, and , a two-issue mini-series by Mike Wolfer that pits the two versions of Jason (original-classic Jason vs Uber Jason) against each other. This comic would later by an inspiration for the film Jason vs Jason X vs Jason.