• jay ellis | Jay Ellis
  • Jay Ellis is a 32-year-old actor and model currently starring on the BET series, ‘The Game’.
  • Dr. Jay Ellis, MD is board certified in Anesthesiology and Anesthesiology - Pain Medicine.
  • Lauren London & her co-star of The Game, Jay Ellis on set of promo-shooting The Game.

The Quartet: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution, 1783-1789


2015 RECORD: 9-3
HEAD COACH: Jay Turley
COACHING STAFF: Doug Means DC, Gene Stubber WR, Jonathon Turner SEC, Terry Daniel DL, Zac Hoglund OL, Josh Marshall LB, Johnny Turner RB, Ricky Rhodes, Gerald Bennett, Gabe Morman
STARTERS BACK: 7 offense, 4 defense
PLAYERS TO WATCH: WR/DB K. D. Munn, QB Austin Stubber, WR/S Quontravious Caldwell, RB Lincoln Conway, DL Armond Potts, CB Charles Horton, OL/LB Dalton Potter
TOP NEWCOMERS: WR Jaylon Conway, T.D. Walton, OL Laymon Howell, WR Jay Ellis

"Another guy to watch is Jaylon Conway, who had some eligibility issues last year but got those fixed," Turley said. "We'll also rely on Nate Carter and Jarrell Henry, and we got in a move-in in Jay Ellis, who is C.J. Ellis' cousin and moved here from Ohio."


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The show also stars Jay Ellis as Lawrence, Issa’s cute, but unemployed boyfriend, and Lisa Joyce as Issa’s coworker at an educational non-profit firm.