• For more information about JD Hillberry:
  • For more information about JD Hillberry:
  • Jason, who has recently joined , jointly run by myself and JD Hillberry, emailed to ask:
  • JD Hillberry’s amazing Trompe l’Oeil work at

Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil


Wow! Interviewing a legend. JD Hillberry has inspired me since the day I was a student and stumbled upon his website while researching what other artists were doing with graphite, and subsequently bought his book. Today, I introduce his book to my budding students so that he can inspire them as well. Without fail they are motivated and encouraged as I was. Thank you Cindy for this great 3 piece article so that we may know more about the man behind his impressive artwork.

Thanks Cindy for this wonderful interview with JD Hillberry. He is an amazing artist and I agree with Tannis in mentioning his message of “There is no right way or wrong way to create art – just different way’s”


Drawing Techniques with JD Hillberry

I loved the interview with JD Hillberry. Very inspiring. Wonderful talent.
I agree with JD’s perspective about artists creating what they love and not following a trend. It’s important to be true to your own.
The whole interview was insightful and interesting.
Gives me fuel to keep going forward with my own artwork.
Thank-you for sharing Cindy.