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Diary Of A Chambermaid

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“I've been going here for many, many years, since I’ve lived in the East village on and off for a better part of two decades now. I've also done a lot of sleeping here, because I spend a lot of time falling asleep during movies. The films here are so artsy—I love Stan Brakhage, but I can't promise you I've made it through a full movie. I'm easily distracted. I'll tell you another secret I'm not proud of, which is that I've seen some Jean Renoir movies there and wasn't a massive fan in those years. But it certainly is a great feeling to watch a movie you love here. I’m always one of like four people in the theater, that's how I like things. It’s appealing that in this big world and big, busy city, there are some places just by the sheer virtue of their kind, that are empty all the time. You can go and find these kinds of oases, these retreats, these places of peace within all the muck and the noise. It’s also great because it's been there so long; there have been so many heart-breaking deaths of these theaters."

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The River (French: Le Fleuve) is a 1951 film directed by Jean Renoir