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The Best Of Jim Nabors


He came close to death in 1994, but underwent a liver transplant, regained good health, and resumed his singing career. Nabors, now in his 80s, lives in Hawaii, where he owns a macadamia nut farm. The stretch of U.S. Highway 280 near his hometown of Sylacauga, Alabama, has been re-named the Jim Nabors Highway.

June 12, 2015. Jim Nabors and his friend and longtime collaborator in comedy Carol Burnett celebrate Nabors' 85th birthday with nearly 300 people at his home in Honolulu.


Tomorrow Never Comes By Jim Nabors

I know it’s not understable by some,but people like Jim Nabors, made a portion of memories better and though we never met,Its tough to see landmakrs,and icons seep away to silence,but I suppose we all try to a to at some point,and I hope he still has more happy memories ahead of him and sees his way into his 90s I think he’s earned it ,for all the all the laughs and smiles thanks you ,from one person to another .