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Live by Night: A Novel (Joe Coughlin Series)


Also notable in Live by Night is a likeness between Joe and Lehane himself, "Joe and I probably share a lot of the same chips on our shoulders. He's also not as smart as he thinks he is, and neither am I most days. And then, yeah, there are maybe pieces of both of us that simply don't know how to fit. I didn't carve out the path I did as a writer because I was trying to rebel. I wasn't trying to stick it to the literary fiction establishment by writing elegant pulp, if you will, and I wasn't trying to stick it to the mystery fiction establishment when I rejected genre constraints. I was just writing a novel as organically as I could. There was never a plan besides that. If I was any good at belonging to clubs or toeing lines, I wouldn't have become a writer in the first place. I'm a square peg and the world's a round hole. And I'm cool with that because I have no idea how to be anything else."

New York City, New York: Boys’ & Girls’ Towns of Italy (BGTI), a nonprofit that empowers war refugee, migrant and at-risk youth living on the streets, announced today the honoree of its Wine and Spirits Annual International Dinner to be held on Thursday, September 12 at Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, New York. BGTI will present the Man of the Year Award to Joe Lehane, Senior Vice President of Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business.


Dennis Lehane grew up in the Dorchester section of Boston