• Author(s): John Conroe
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  • Brutal Asset The Demon Accords, by John Conroe ($3.99)
  • Demon Driven The Demon Accords, by John Conroe ($3.99)

Rogues: A novel of the Demon Accords

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God Touched by John Conroe is the first in a series called the Demon Accords. Chris Gordon is a NYPD rookie who spends his free time conducting exorcisms. He has an extraordinary skill with exorcism that he developed with he was a child living with his grandfather in the countryside. As an NYPD rookie, he was trying to live a normal life, when he is suddenly flung into a world of vampires. He must now try to balance his life as an exorcist, fighting crime as a cop, his growing role in the vampire community, and a budding romance.

This is my second John Conroe novel (Black Frost was my first). I really enjoyed the unique take on all things paranormal in GOD TOUCHED. Chris is a great character, torn between resentment and doing the right thing. I love the way he always does the right thing. One of my favorite characters appears at the end of the story: his grandfather. More Gramps, please! Which means I'm going to read all the books in the series. The only thing I didn't enjoy as much was the character


Overall this another great addition to this already awesome series. I used to classify these books as guilty pleasure reads but when I have given every one so far a full 5-star rating I don't see that I can any more. These are just truly awesome books and John Conroe is definitely one of my favourite authors at the moment.