• Sir John Eliot Gardiner
  • Conducted by John Eliot Gardiner
  • サー・ジョン・エリオット・ガーディナー(Sir John Eliot Gardiner ,  - )は、の。
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Beethoven: The Symphonies


BBC Music Magazine will be featuring Sir John Eliot Gardiner on its cover in early 2017, ahead of the tour, featuring exclusive photography of the conductor shot on location in Venice.

In the solitude and warm acoustics of the monastery's sizeable tapestry room (pictured below), a specially auditioned choir of professional early music singers and continuo players under the direction of Sir John Eliot Gardiner are starting to rehearse Monteverdi's Hor che'l ciel e la terra from Book VIII of the madrigals, setting to music the beautiful 164th poem from Petrarch's Canzoniere.


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Seit fast 50 Jahren begeistert John Eliot Gardiner als Vorreiter der historischen Aufführungspraxis, Experte für Chormusik und Operndirigent. Eine limitierte Edition zum 70. Geburtstag lässt zentrale Stationen seiner Karriere Revue passieren.