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The Joker: Death of the Family (The New 52)


This Joker Batman New 52 #13 Cover Button is sure to make passersby do a double-take! Joker's ghastly face is doubtlessly in need of repair, but applying lipstick isn't going to help! Silly Joker! Unfortunately, in the Death of the Family story arc to which this issue belongs, the Bat family isn't dealing with a silly Joker, but a Joker hell-bent on removing what's been bringing Batman down from his life...i.e., all his allies. The terrifying smile on this 1.25" Joker Batman New 52 #13 Cover Button is where it all started!

The JOKER form the New 52 BATMAN (short Fan film) based on the New 52 Batman comic DEATH OF THE FAMILY, JOKER has gone made, more so the normal and plans to hit BATMAN were it hurts the most, what sick sick dose he have in store for BATMAN this time? the JOKER new 52 BATMAN (SHORT FAN FILM) based on the NEW 52 BATMAN COMIC


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