• Joseph Media Group
  • The St. Joseph Media-produced title  aims to reach departing visitors at Pearson International Airport.
  • P&G is the exclusive advertising partner for the first issue of the St. Joseph Media-produced edition of the magazine.
  • Lilia Lozinski, SVP at the magazine’s publisher St. Joseph Media, talks ad trends and page counts for the biggest issue of the year.

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As a Joseph Media Group client, there¹s no need for you to labor overcreating the most effective ads that will connect with your potentialcustomers. Joseph Media Group has already designed high-quality televisionads specifically for you.

The best part? Each commercial that you choose will be made your very ownthrough logo, phone number and voice-over customization. And once you becomea Joseph Media Group media client, none of your competitors in the marketwill be able to participate. You will have market exclusivity.


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