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  • A public journal is a record of day-by-day events in a parliament or congress

The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics: The Dos and Don'ts of Presenting Data, Facts, and Figures


Your set up is beautiful! I’ve been doing lots of bullet journal research to find what works best for me. May I ask what the difference is between forwarded tasks and migrated tasks?

A side-by-side comparison of how the Square looks now with the artists' renderings isn't perfect because the drawings aren't intended to be exact replicas. Magnolia Avenue as imagined in one of the renderings is a two-way street, while a rendering of the new One Journal Square development doesn't include the aesthetically unpleasing green traffic signs where Kennedy Boulevard veers west and Bergen Avenue begins. The three Journal Squared towers are not part of the skyline in the renderings of One Journal Square.


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The purpose of keeping a journal is to write down the things that I want to be able to remember 10, 20, 30, or more years from now. The special experiences of a lifetime, preserved on those pages. I'd like to think that some day my grandchildren or great-grandchildren might like to read it.