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Junior Seau: The Life and Death of a Football Icon


You’re right, when someone like Junior Seau commits suicide we’re surprised and it makes news. Since Seau was a public figure, was a future Hall of Famer, made a lot of money and seemed happy, surely he must be happy, right!? My conclusion was much like yours. Seau’s tragic death reminded me how we are all broken. It was also deeply sad and disturbing, because without having known Junior personally, I wonder about a man who always seemed so outwardly cheerful and happy, but at the end, harbored deep feelings of hopelessness.

Nearly a year after Junior Seau committed suicide on May 2, 2012, Outside the Lines conducted dozens of interviews with his family and friends, including a two-hour exclusive with Auwae, who got to know Seau in early 2010, instantly bonding with the fellow Polynesian and becoming a frequent workout partner. In hindsight, they say that Junior's actions signaled a man who was spiraling out of control, a man who wasn't prepared to leave behind the regimented life of pro football, the sport he'd been playing since he was a kid and slept with his three brothers in the Seaus' one-car garage.


Former NFL star Junior Seau dead in apparent suicide