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Fearful Symmetry

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Praise be to , then, for balancing out that pop culture calamity by giving viewers "" and "Justice ." After that, if you're one of those kids who grew up into someone who believes an animated series of such a high caliber should last forever -- well, start cursing the channel, because "Justice League Unlimited," a weekend staple since 2004, is coming to a close over the next two Saturdays at 10:30 p.m.

Justice League Unlimited continues a great DC tradition of strong animated series which started with Batman: The Animated Series. The show features great characters, great stories, and shows the potential of DC in a world dominated by Marvel movies (Marvel’s TV hasn’t equaled DC’s staying power as of yet). I wish we could see more Justice League Unlimited to past season 3 someday.


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And that inner preteen made "Justice League Unlimited" more than just another throwaway toon. It could be glorious; it was often grim. Above all, it had a broad reach without being all over the place.