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The Kane Chronicles: The Complete Series


I saw posters for it in bookstores, and notifications on websites. There were announcements on blogs, and trailers before movies. I was told that the hottest thing thing to read right now is Rick Riordan’s Throne of Fire (Book Two of The Kane Chronicles)… and everyone and everything was right!

To be honest, if Nancy were to choose a book to “live” in, she wouldn’t pick The Kane Chronicles. As cute as Anubis sounds, giant snakes are just too scary.


The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

The Kane Chronicles: The Throne of Fire is the sequel to Rick Riordan’s first Egyptian fantasy novel The Red Pyramid. The series of books is entitled ‘The Kane Chronicles’ featuring the brother and sister team Sadie and Carter Kane, two young teenagers who a year before discovered their parents were from an ancient pharaoh bloodline and that they possessed the skills of magic. In this second adventure, the duo cross many countries and encounter dozens of creatures whether they be gods, demons or other magicians to release Ra from his slumber to save the world from the evil Apophis.
It is written, as is the prequel, as though Sadie and Carter are narrating the story through a Dictaphone which Riordan has come into the possession of and is writing
it down.
In the prologue, Riordan explains that he hopes he has related the Kane’s story as it should have been so it leaves the reader questioning whether what was said is actually true.
The story has improved my knowledge of Ancient Egypt but my only criticism is that the book does drag on at times with too many battles between the young magicians that are easily won. But then again, it is a good subliminal message for young readers. All in all, this another great book from Riordan that pupils are sure to like – I cannot wait for the next one!
Part three in the series, The Serpent’s Shadow, will be out on May 1.