• Kate Gosselin Promote ‘Brides For A Day’ In NYC
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  • Kate Gosselin revealed she has sent one of her sons to live away from the family.

Kate Gosselin's Love Is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories with Family-Friendly Recipes, Tips and Traditions


Maybe the notion that the kids were used to the show being scripted helps explain how two of Kate Gosselin's daughters completely embarrassed her on national TV when their talk wasn't scripted?

Kate Gosselin described Jon & Kate Plus 8 as being unscripted during a Q & A special that included the show's producers. She was asked then if their show was 'realistic.'


Kate Gosselin's 'Paparazzi' Dance Flops

The treatments were a success and on October 8, 2000, Kate Gosselin gave birth to fraternal twins Madelyn and Cara. Jon and Kate flourished in their roles as new parents and, after undergoing another round of fertilization treatments, Kate became pregnant again in October, 2003. However, this pregnancy was destined to be far from routine. Within five weeks Kate discovered that she was carrying six sacks with seven embryos, leading her doctor to encourage her to consider selective reduction. She's kind of like but slightly less terrifying.