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The Katurran Odyssey


I just found this in Barnes and Noble...they seriously made a graphic novel and it's AMAZING! What a visual treat!

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Haven't been this wowed by artwork in a book since The Katurran Odyssey!

The Katurran Odyssey is a bit less obvious in its influences than previous CDs, which often relied on Middle Eastern and Celtic themes. Instead, Johnson and Dunning have opted for a more impressionistic sound that conjures in its own world.


Finding Home The Katurran Odyssey A novel by David Michael Wieger

I also greatly identified with Katook’s journey for I recognized it as a journey that turns into a pilgrimage. Anyone who has come to view their own experience in this way will find themselves completely captivated and inspired by this book, as I was. It is that particular quality of Terryl’s story that I have attempted to weave into this music. It’s a great honor for myself along with all of the other musicians who are featured on this recording to have been part of “The Katurran Odyssey.” – Jeff Johnson