• Ken Follett / Audio Cassette / Published February 1994
  • Ken Follett, Sean Barrett (Narrator) / Audio Cassette / Published October 1997
  • Ken Follett / Mass Market Paperback / Published August 1990
  • Ken Follett / Audio Cassette / Published June 1985

Winter of the World: Book Two of the Century Trilogy


There are novels by Ken Follett, Michael Cunningham, Nicole Krauss and Tom Clancy; cookbooks by Ina Garten and Jamie Oliver; humor books by both Amy S...

Ken Follett is a master craftsman who is just now hitting his full stride. He has had successes before but he has never been so popular or so anticipated.


Ken Follett / Audio Cassette / Published January 1986

This Ken Follett work examines the struggles of both the rich and poor as they seek their own versions of "freedom," beginning in Scotland, then moving to London, and finally Virginia. Set in the late eighteenth century, A Place Called Freedom is filled with historical information but comes up short on plot and delivers a predictable ending. However, Sean Barrett picks up the slack with a marvelous presentation. His smooth, flowing delivery is storytelling at its best, complete with dozens of different vocal characterizations and dialects. A top-drawer listening experience. T.J.M. An AUDIOFILE...