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The Kept Woman: A Novel (Will Trent)


is a 2015 movie that is going to air on Television today. Kept Woman, also known as Cautiva, is about a woman who suspects that her neighbor is hiding something. What she finds out leads to her own abduction. The Lifetime flick is directed by Michel Poulette and written by Doug Barber and James Phillips. Kept Woman stars Courtney Ford as Jessica Crowder, Shaun Benson as Simon, Andrew W. Walker as Evan Crowder, Rachel Wilson as Robin Simmons, Troy Blundell as Tyler Haynes, and Jesse Camacho as Oscar Garrett, according to .

Kept Woman (Cautiva) is produced by Incendo Productions and distributed by Film1 Action, Incendo Media, Lifetime Television, and Sky Cinema. Filming took place in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Jean Bureau is listed as the executive producer. Watch Lifetime’s Kept Woman today at 6/5 p.m. Central. Also airing this weekend is on LMN.


Kept Woman by Rebekah Suellau —Kickstarter

Awesome Animated Music Video!- The Invention of Love. The song Kept Woman is taken from Bria Valente's album "Elixer" written and produced by Prince!