• Kermit G Frazier in Manchester, NH and holds a Master Plumber license (2474) according to the New Hampshire license board.
  • Kermit Frazier, Adelphi professor of English and a playwright and screenwriter, is a member of the Writers Guild of America.
  • Kermit Frazier

An American Journey


The sizable challenge taken on by writer Kermit Frazier, and composer-lyricists Jim Basnight and Richard Gray, is how to turn the tumultuous 1957 racial integration of Little Rock's Central High School, a milepost in the modern civil-rights movement, into a kind of "Grease"-meets-"Eyes on the Prize."

It can be said that life's harsh truths can be most clearly seen through the eyes of a child. At the same time, it is from this point of view that beauty and joy can be revealed to us, which we would otherwise overlook in a seemingly hopeless world. In a stroke of genius, First Stage Children's Theater Director Rob Goodman put these tenets to work by commissioning playwright Kermit Frazier to write a play that, according to his notes in the playbill, asks, "Are the ideals and methods of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. still valid for today's youth?"


Kermit Frazier | Dinner and Dialogue Series

Samuel Nigro, Filmmaker
Wendy Richmond, Interdisciplinary Artist
Seamus Scanlon, Writer
Scott Wheeler, Composer
Emeritus Members:
Kermit Frazier, Writer
Andrew Rudin, Composer