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Kickbox Aerobic

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Begin with simple forward punches and bent knee kicks at an easy pace. The kickboxing aerobic segment should last about 25 minutes and should increase gradually in intensity and complexity. All moves should be less than full range until full warm-up is achieved. Heart rate can be checked about half way through the kickboxing aerobic segment (by checking the wrist-never the neck) and is an ideal time for a water break. The class intensity level should be adjusted up or down according to the results of the heart rate check. A cool-down segment follows the kickboxing aerobic portion, which should last 5-10 minutes.


Kickboxing Aerobics Class Cardio kickboxing

Kickboxing aerobics takes kicking and punching drills and sets them to music to create a fast-paced, high-intensity class that scorches calories and builds cardiovascular fitness. Classes are offered at health clubs and martial arts studios and via DVDs. Unlike combat kickboxing, the aerobic version does not have you pitted against competitors. Instead, you use the drills to build cardiovascular fitness in a high-intensity, fun atmosphere. Kickboxing aerobics offers numerous benefits for your mind and body.