• Kid President Changes the Future:
  • Cards for Robby can be sent to: Kid President, PO Box 41791, Memphis, TN 38174
  • It doesn’t get much better than this. Kid President truly makes me smile, feel happy, and inspired.
  • Kid President has it all figured out!

Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome


Kid President, the youthful powerhouse in a power suit who knows how to give one heck of a motivational pep talk, has taken his inspirational talents to Mother's Day. The video message, sent "on behalf of all the kids in the world," shows Kid Preside...

The White House has employed the motivational talents of Kid President for its April Fools Day prank. The official White House YouTube channel released a video Monday morning titled "A Special Message From the President," but instead of Barack Obama,...


Love changes everything. Thank you @kidpresident for the reminder.

My favorite Kid President video is the AWESOME YEAR video, where Kid President challenges us to make a resolution to make this year awesome for somebody else. He has some pretty amazing ideas to make this year awesome for somebody else: