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  • Mash Studios has worked on Kid Robot retail stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and most recently Miami.
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4M Tin Can Robot

Too low to display

Not long after the on Canal Street, New Yorkers are learning that another important and iconic spot for artists is also closing its doors. The Kidrobot store on Prince Street (KRNY) that opened over a decade ago will close shop at the end of April.

Moving the New York Kidrobot store from it's original (tiny) location 3 doors up to a bigger space. The old space was so charming! The big one is wonderful, but you can't beat a 350 square foot store that's always packed for good energy. People walked in for the first time and it was, like, what the hell is this place?


Kidrobot Store The new kidrobot london store

Custom built cabinets, fixtures, flooring, signage and graphics were incorporated throughout the span of the projects. The San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Miami Kid Robot stores have unique features and styles specific to their city and neighbourhood. Mash was pleased to create crisp local designs on each assignment.