• He's going to need a kid rocking chair.
  • A representative for Kid Rock declined to comment.
  • If Kid Rock doesn't take a stand, they said, the group would call for a boycott of the museum.
  • Kid Rock has an estimated net worth of $37 million.

All Summer Long [Explicit]

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On November 16, 2000, Joseph "Joe C" Calleja died in his sleep from complications in . Joe C's final song was "Cool Daddy Cool" for the soundtrack. The band made a cameo in the movie as the band playing in the club scene. Kid Rock was referred to as "Kidney Rock" to go along with the cartoon aspect of being a cell in the body of the main character, Frank, played by .

From June 30 to August 22, 2000, Kid Rock joined the with Metallica, , , and . Kid Rock filled in for of Metallica, singing vocals on the songs "", "", and "". He also ran the turntables for "Fuel" for three shows after Hetfield injured his spine riding a jet ski on the day before the July 7 Atlanta concert. MTV would air MTV All Access Summer Saniturm Tour: Baltimore in July and Kid Rock would go on "The History Of Rock Tour" from August to September of that year.


Kid Rock Photo credit: Judy Eddy / WENN

Kid Rock persevered through these failures and continued to do what he loved. He was picked up by an independent label and released the albums The Polyfuze Method in 1993, Fire It Up! in 1994, and Early Morning Stoned Pimp in 1996. His material eventually got him signed by the major label Atlantic Records. With newfound support, Kid Rock released Devil Without a Cause in 1998. His situation looked grim when the album did not have initial commercial success. However, after a chance meeting with MTV VJ Carson Daly, Kid Rock began to make multiple appearances on the network, which boosted his record sales considerably. The album eventually sold more than 11 million copies, and Kid Rock found his ticket to superstardom.