• In his King Follett discourse, Joseph Smith said,
  • "The King Follett Discourse: A Newly Amalgamated Text"
  • "The King Follett Discourse: Joseph Smith's Greatest Sermon in Historical Perspective"
  • "The King Follett Discourse: A Newly Amalgamated Text"

Im Auftrag des Grafen: Historischer Roman (German Edition)

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“While King Follett’s name has been indelibly attached to Joseph Smith’s most famous public discourse, his personal history has been something of a mystery—until now. In this well-crafted biography, author .” — Alexander L. Baugh, Professor, Church History and Doctrine, Brigham Young University

King Follett Discourse. A sermon given by Joseph Smith just three months before Joseph Smith was killed in a gun battle. On April 7, 1844, Smith declared that Joseph Smith was an exalted man who lived on an earth. It should be the goal of every person, he said, to be like God. In the sermon, he also denied ex nihilo creation and explained how the council of gods in the preexistence prepared for the creation of the earth. Other issues addressed incude how man’s min is coeternal with God, that living humans have the responsibility to do work on behalf of the dead, and little children who die before the age of accountability will receive the highest level in the celestial kingdom.


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Joseph commenced speaking on the subject of the Dead–relative to the death of elder King Follett who was crushed in a well. by the falling of a tub of rock on him.–