• LaShawn Ameen Daniels is an American songwriter.
  • American songwriter LaShawn Daniels has an estimated net worth of $15 million.
  • Panelist LaShawn Daniels speaks onstage at 'A
  • Panelists Gail Mitchel, LiV Warfield, and LaShawn Daniels speak onstage at 'A

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Lashawn Daniels - Emergency
Lashawn Daniels - Emergency
Lashawn Daniels - Emergency
Lashawn Daniels - Emergency

April and LaShawn Daniels of WE tv’s “Tamar & Vince” show are launching their Rock Out With Me Couples campaign. The goal of the campaign is to share tools with couples that will help them strengthen their marriages and relationships. During the month of February, the Daniels will host weekly interactive online courses that will spotlight different areas of marriage and relationships. There will also be an event called Date Night With The Daniels, which will take place on Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles.


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As expected, fans immediately tried to figure out who she was referring to in the post. Initially, it was suspected to be April Daniels, her former friend and wife of producer, LaShawn Daniels. But he jumped on Instagram right before the second night of the Bad Boy Family Reunion show at Barclays in Brooklyn —where he was working with vocal talent— to deny the speculation.