• Arno Klarsfeld in 1943(as Lazlo Szabo)
  • a hunting quota was set,
  • My maternal grandfather, Louis Sabo (aka Lazlo Szabo) was born in Mehi, Gomor, Megye, Austria-Hungary.
  • The late Lazlo Szabo

The Principle of the Common Cause


Kerr is a native of Buffalo, New York, and studied with the late portrait painter Lazlo Szabo and with landscape painter Carl Illig. He has exhibited for more than 25 years, with some 20 one man shows throughout the United States.

James Kerr was born in Buffalo, New York in Kerr’s mother quickly recognized that they had a prodigy on their hands. By age 6 he was apprenticed to the city’s most prominent portrait artist. The late Lazlo Szabo. By 16 when Szabo passed his class of 24 elected him the instructor to the rooster of students. He also specialized in landscape with Carl llig.


Lazlo (Szabo) Sabo | Family Tree Unknown