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  • Is it possible for a non-athletic, somewhat plumpish, middle age person to learn to run? Let’s see…

Running Like a Girl: Notes on Learning to Run


Steady state runs, or runs done at or in close proximity to your marathon race pace, are a great way to build aerobic strength, which is the foundation for your best performances from 5K to the marathon. From a pacing perspective, steady state runs are completed anywhere between 10 seconds faster and 30 seconds slower than your marathon race pace. That’s quite a pace range, which is just another reason why learning to run steady runs by feel is important.

I had a fabulous time learning to run, made new friends and found a level of fitness I never thought I would achieve. I have lost over half a stone and nearly 9 inches but gained a regular Saturday morning activity and discovered a new focus.


Learning To Run - The Multitasking Woman

The runners who I respect the most are those who get out there the 2nd time, and then the 3rd, and then the 4th time…. To see them still going, when the pain of learning to run is at it’s most challenging. To get to the point where you are actually seeing the benefit of your running is one of the most gratifying experiences you’ll have.. From that point forward you’ll start to see a change in who you are.