• You Think You Know Led Zeppelin?
  • You may have never heard of the band Spirit, but Led Zeppelin has.
  • This song is easily one of Led Zeppelin's best songs.
  • Led Zeppelin and Warner Music had no comment on the story.

Led Zeppelin Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc:

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After the death of Bonham (pictured in July 1973) in 1980, the remaining members of Led Zeppelin decided to disband the group. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The mighty Led Zeppelin existed for twelve years between 1968 and 1980. The sudden death of drummer John Bonham effectively signalled the end of the band in their eyes. How could they possibly have carried on without their powerhouse drummer and dear friend?


Led Zepplica - The International Led Zeppelin Tribute Band

On one hand, Page, Jones and Bonham would love to get together: at one point, there was even talk of hiring Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler on vocals. Luckily, that fell through, but what were they thinking! The inconvenient truth for many is that Plant is pretty intransigent when it comes to getting the band together again. He is clearly enjoying himself with a great band and re-inventing Led Zeppelin classics to high praise from critics and fans alike. Why would he want to get back on the crazy Zeppelin merry-go-round?