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  • “I am passionate about how small positive changes can create huge results & rewards.” -Linda Cahan
  • - Source: "Stores with soul" by Linda Cahan in , Vol. 103, June 2002, p. 20+
  • Linda Cahan, Cahan & Company

A Practical Guide to Visual Merchandising (Wiley Retail Fashion Merchandising & Management Series)

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William Lorenzen, Assistant Visual Director at Saks Fifth Avenue during the late 90's wrote the following in the front of the SFA Corporate Visual Merchandising Manual:
"Linda Cahan of Cahan & Company was hired to edit the entire work and add her objective viewpoint and ideas as a visual merchandiser but also as someone from the outside who had never worked for Saks Fifth Avenue. No other person who has never worked for SFA knows as much about visual merchandising as she and I doubt anyone ever will."

“Big mistake,” says Linda Cahan, a visual merchandising expert and one of the judges of the 2014 Showroom of the Year Awards. “I tell retailers that no matter where they are in the world, engaging in smart visual merchandising is one of the absolute best things you can do for the health of your business.”


Linda Cahan Joins Jackie on the Radio - Better, Smarter, Richer

"Feng shui is a marriage of the practical and the divine," said retail consultant and author Linda Cahan. She said the principles of 7,000-year-old Buddhist design philosophy can make most retail environments more enjoyable to work and shop in.