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littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit


In July 2015, littlebits opened a retail store in . The store has an innovative retail model that allows users to either use the littlebits product for free in-store ("Inventions to Stay"), or to build something, pay for the components, and take it away ("Inventions to Go").

In September 2014, littleBits announced bitLab, a marketplace for products built using littleBits kits and modules. The "app store for hardware" is the "first marketplace for user-generated hardware" (according to Bdeir) and has the potential to become "the most extensive platform for hardware creation and innovation available."


Little Bits Therapeutic Riding Association

littleBits Electronics Inc. supports the Open Source Hardware Statement of Principles by making the circuit designs for its modules available pursuant to the CERN Hardware License Version 1.2. See our for further details.