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The entrance road to Little Sahara is 4 miles west of Jericho Junction.
From Nephi (west): 31 miles via SR 132 and Juab County Route 1812.
From Eureka (south): 18 miles on US 6.
From Delta (north): 34 miles on US 6.
Little Sahara is approximately 115 miles from Salt Lake City via Nephi.

A plentiful sand source and strong prevailing winds have combined to create Little Sahara, one of the largest dune fields found in Utah. Most of the sand at Little Sahara is the result of deposits left by the Sevier River, which once flowed into ancient Lake Bonneville some 15,000 years ago. After the lake receded, the southwesterly winds that flow across the Sevier Desert picked up the exposed sand. Sand Mountain, in the middle of the dune field, deflected the wind upward, causing it to slow and drop its load of sand. Sand particles, composed mostly of quartz, fell downwind among the sagebrush and juniper around Sand Mountain ultimately creating a 124-square-mile system of giant, free-moving, sand dunes.
The dunes are still moving to the north and east between 5 and 9 feet per year.


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