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The 30-Second Body: Eat Clean. Train Dirty. Live Hard.


24/7 certified personal training from home! Connect directly to our gym and get personalized webcam training from your favorite trainers! Live Body Coach is the future of health and fitness!

Rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are cooked out of foods that can make all the difference in your health and energy. Jay Kordich's Live Food Live Bodies will teach you the secrets to cooking less to live better. His 256-page full color book, 2 videotapes and 5 CDs give you everything you need to know to start living a healthier way of life. The book provides a complete education about the key foods to introduce into your meals and their health benefits; quick, simple, and delicious recipes; the Vital Health Challenge; and his detoxifying juice plan for weight loss. The Live Food Live Bodies DVDs (or videotapes) introduce the art of juicing into your life with tasty recipes. All 5 CDs contain Jay Kordich's personal secrets to longer life that are guaranteed to work for you. Although unique, the Jay Kordich Live Food Live Bodies can fit into anyone's lifestyle, even people with little time on their hands. 55 years of great health are Jay's testimony to the power of living foods that can work for anyone at any age. Start feeling a difference in your energy level and seeing the difference in the way you look in just 30 days of introducing Jay Kordich's Live Food Live Bodies into your diet. Better health couldn't be easier. Don't live another unhealthy day. Order Jay Kordich's Live Food Live Bodies.


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