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Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change


The recent floods in Bundaberg resulted in a community in deep shock. We had never contemplated the possibility of a disastrous event of this scale happening. We had been complacent, and paid a high price. Our lives were changed forever. My work depicts the figure in the ‘floodscape’. It is a merging of a photograph of a woman with an aerial photograph of the landscape around Bundaberg. ‘Immersed’ represents the deep psychological impact the floods had on the people of Bundaberg.

More and more you can be sure of two things in rural and remote Queensland. We may have left George Orwell’s 1984 way behind but the spread of Big Brother is inexorable, living change incarnate. CCTV cameras are sprouting like weeds in the most unexpected places. And the march of Bufo marinus seems unstoppable. In my depiction of Big Brother on the peak of Mt Lewis in Far North Queensland, ambiguity is central. Who is watching whom? Is anybody taking notice? Does anyone care?


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A brilliant book. Grace is a living example of the visionary, the dreamer-thinker, who creates possibilities through critical revolutionary activity as a moment of counter-hegemony. Living for Change is a great read, honest, brave, and imaginative.