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I live on the Upper East Side in NYC, and there’s actually a local bookstore one block away. I’m embarrassed to say that I forget – every time – that it’s there, and instead walk all the way to Barnes & Nobles, about a half mile away. Thanks for the reminder to check my local shop first.

I have also gone to a local used bookstore, which is fairly large as indie bookstores go. It’s in a big warehouse area, and has different sections where you can curl up in a comfortable chair and read a little if you want to. The days I went there, there was a bustling crowd of customers of all ages. I found a book about Thomas Merton there that I probably wouldn’t have searched for in Amazon’s search engine, but was glad to have stumbled upon it in the indie store, just browsing around. The price was right too, especially for a hard-bound book.


Why Amazon Should Play Nice With Local Bookstores

ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A big change is coming to downtown Rockland. After almost forty years in business, the downtown is losing its local bookstore, The Reading Corner.