The Lost Episode! is the 13th episode of from Season 2.
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The Lost Episodes (Adventures in Odyssey)


I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, here... so if you believe in haunted "Lost Episode" legends and enjoy living in that world, maybe this isn't the post for you.

So that day we went to a DVD store, looking for some Peppa Pig DVDs, but we couldn't find any; albeit we did find one. But the case looked dusty and there was a sticker labelled "Peppa Pig - Lost Episode". We then thought to ourselves, "Wow. An episode we haven't seen!".


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In 2002, the so-called Lost Episodes were purchased by Hallmark Channel, which I had major involvement with getting them back on the air. Paramount, who began distribution, finally corrected the episode sequence and made it one set, where the above examples had it the opposite way around. In-house duplication made the digital dubs, with edits for sponsors. A few of the syndication masters were damaged from age and couldn't be duplicated for airplay. They were "Winter Kill," "The Grand Swing" and "A Home for Jamie." Hallmark contacted Paramount, who made replacements for airing later on.