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  • London, Dec 9 : Stunning FHM model Sylvia has opened up about soccer ace Cristiano Ronaldo’s cheeky love tactics.
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Love Tactics: How to Win the One You Want


The Love Tactics system is based on Four Behavioral Principles, among which are #2 -"People are most attracted to those who exhibit some degree of aloofness and emotional independence" and #3 – "People want what they can't have."

I listened to one of the sample lessons on Love Tactic #37: "Create Competition." It's the technique that every teenager has put to use: make sure that your boyfriend knows that other guys are hot on your tracks, and he'll do everything in his power to make sure that you remain his possession.


Love Tactics : How to Win the One You Want by Thomas W

it is really sad how many of us women are having problems with men and yet slightly reaasuring, encouraging, comforting that one is no alone. Its hard who to blame because relationships are a two way process. we only get what we tolerate, right? Honestly i dont blame people that want to use love tactics because after being hurt, played, double crossed, hit and run …, one can only try to their best to protect themselves. it is sad because somewhere deep down, nobody likes playing games but we are forced due to past experiences. As for me, i am tired of playing games. i would love to meet guy who is real (wont we all :)). one things lerant is that we should never give up. we are going to be hurt, yes, but that should only makes us stronger and not give up on love. There are real men out there, and sometimes, it just takes a little patience…
i met a guy i really liked recently, i decided to cut the games, you know, just be me and just get into something amaizing. he is a nice guy but unfortunately, i can already see that he gets corky.I dont know why men do things like that/ cant just a man see and appreciate, love a good woman? Now i dont know whether i should stop being available (have been too much ) and start all these games again. Honestly, sometimes it seems like the only way for him to stay long enough to realise what a great woman he has.