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The LSAT Trainer: A remarkable self-study guide for the self-driven student


The is my personal favourite. The author, Mike Kim, co-wrote the Manhattan Guides. His guide is different is that he covers everything in one volume. He has a straightforward approach and doesn’t give you a bunch of confusing jargon. Instead he offers clear advice for every section, and reinforces what he teaches with extensive drills. I’ve spoken with Mike, and I think the LSAT Trainer will become the new standard guide.

The Powerscore Bibles are extremely popular, and have worked for many students. Personally, I prefer the style of the LSAT Trainer, but I think that’s due to taste. These books have worked for many students. The logic games bible tends to be the most popular, followed by the logical reasoning bible. You can save money by buying them in a set of three.


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Ha, it’s possible, man. It seems to be a moderately common trait amongst LSAT trainers from test prep companies like Powerscore, Test Masters, etc.: instructors are advertised as LSAT juggernauts that scored in the 99th percentile yada yada, but that’s no indication whether or not they teach you how to conquer the test properly.