Lucy Cooke Zoologist, wildlife presenter and author
  • Punky practices being a tree-hugger. Photo Lucy Cooke
  • Punky and Coconut -- the resident escape artists. Photo by Lucy Cooke
  • Coconut chilling... like a sloth. Photo by Lucy Cooke
  • Valencia gives Coconut a kiss, the tapir and sloth are unlikely best friends. Photo by Lucy Cooke

A Little Book of Sloth


Emerging Explorer and zoologist Lucy Cooke is on a one-woman crusade to champion ugly and unloved creatures so vital to Earth's biodiversity.

Quick! Which species pulls at your heartstrings—a tiger cub or an algae-covered sloth? A panda or a toad? A lion or a dung beetle? When it comes to emotional attachment, research funding, global popularity, and conservation support, the fluffier your fur and the bigger your eyes, the better your chances—unless zoologist Lucy Cooke has a vote. She's on a one-woman crusade to show the world why some of the most unlovable animals are actually the most interesting and deserving of our attention, study, and protection.


Punky practices being a tree-hugger. Photo Lucy Cooke

Lucy Cooke is an award-winning television producer and presenter, best-selling author and National Geographic explorer with a Masters in zoology.