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  • (1982): A ‘new’ allele giving further insight into the LW blood group system
  • 16 LW blood group system, 391.
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Some null or mod phenotypes are caused by mutations in genes other than the blood group gene. Rhnull, the very rare null phenotype of the Rh system, has two main modes of inheritance. The rare recessive ‘amorph’ type arises from homozygosity for a deletion of RHD (as seen in most D-negatives) together with homozygosity for RHCE containing inactivating mutations (Huang et al. ; Chérif-Zahar et al. ). Consequently, neither Rh protein is produced. The less rare ‘regulator’ type of Rhnull, which was known for many years from family evidence to be inherited as a rare recessive inhibitor gene at a locus independent of the Rh genes, results from homozygosity for inactivating mutations in RHAG, the gene encoding the RhAG, which probably forms heterotrimers with the Rh proteins (Fig. ) and appears to be essential for expression of the Rh antigens on the Rh proteins (Cherif-Zahar et al. ). In addition to absence of expression of Rh antigens in Rhnull, there are no antigens of the LW blood group system (ICAM4) and reduced expression of glycophorin B and CD47, all of which appear to be part of a membrane protein complex. Rhnull red cells are stomatocytic and most individuals with Rhnull have a compensated haemolytic anaemia, which may be severe enough to merit splenectomy. Homozygosity for missense mutations in RHAG may cause reduced expression of RhAG and of Rh antigens (Rhmod phenotype) (Cherif-Zahar et al. ), in addition to the presence of a low frequency antigen on RhAG (Tilley et al. ).

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