• Performed by Mabel Kwan and Ray Evanoff.
  • In September Mabel Kwan will be at EMPAC to perform a piece. On two pianos. At the same time.
  • Mabel Kwan (photo courtesy EMPAC)
  • Mabel Kwan specializes in Counseling and practices in Oakland, CA. She practices at 1 location.

Zvonimir Nagy: Vestiges - Works for Solo Piano [World Premiere Recordings]


Mabel Kwan (Lin-Ann Ching Kocar) is the matriarch of this family of con artists. She raised her children to be self-reliant, endowing them with the capacity to survive on the mean streets by withholding the usual motherly love and affection. Instead, when they were just children, she abandoned each of them individually in different New York City locales with the instruction to find their way home to Queens. The boys, Francis (Tyler Simahk) and H (Michael Hisamoto), were resourceful enough to get home quickly, but the lone girl, Blue (), took three days to get back and never talked about her trial. Interestingly, mother never asked, but hoped it might discourage Blue from getting into "the life."

Mabel Kwan is a fantastic pianist, a skill that will no doubt be on display for her forthcoming solo album. The list of composers for this concert includes Santiago Diez-Fischer, Mauricio Pauly, Fredrick Gifford, and Steven Takasugi, whose Die Klavierübung, Erster Satz is the highlight. $10–$15.


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The other project is a compilation called the *AND project. Ten of our favorite Chicago composers/ ensembles/ performers/ sound makers to collaborate with an entity outside Chicago to produce about 5 minutes of audio. So far on the docket we’ve got work by Ryan Ingebritsen; Todd Reynolds; Tim Munro; a collaboration between Katherine Young, Jenna Lyle, and Joann Cho; Third Coast Percussion; Alex Temple; Alejandro Acierto; Dan Dehaan; Doug Perkins; Mabel Kwan; and, oh yeah, me.