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  • Learning Resources Double-Sided Magnetic Human Body

Learning Resources Double-Sided Magnetic Human Body (LER6044)


In this study, electrical engineers demonstrated a technique called “magnetic field human body communication” (mHBC), which uses the body as a vehicle to deliver magnetic energy between electronic devices. An advantage of this system is that magnetic fields are able to pass freely through biological tissues, so signals are communicated with much lower path losses and potentially, much lower power consumption.

In their experiments, researchers demonstrated that the magnetic communication link works well on the body, but they did not test the technique’s power consumption. However, the showed that the path losses associated with magnetic field human body communication are upwards of 10 million times lower than those associated with Bluetooth radios.


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Kids will have fun learning about the human body with this 3' high magnetic model set. It displays the skeletal system on one side and major organs, muscles, and parts of the circulatory system on the other side. This flat model features 17 realistically detailed pieces that combine to create a body more than 3' tall. The pieces of this magnetic human body model stick to magnetic dry-erase or chalkboards. Or use it at home on a tabletop. An activity guide with reproducible diagrams is included.