Audiobook Maker makes audiobooks easy with many easy to use features:
  • How to make an audiobook using ACX | Nail Your Novel
  • How to Make Audiobooks on a Mac
  • Make an Audiobook for FREE. Save money! (with a mac / SL)
  • how to make an audiobook as good as mine

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The Ambling BookPlayer makes audiobooks become seamless. Its automatic audio file handling feature does this by hiding all the individual audio files that make up the audiobook so that you never have to deal with the audio files.

If you don’t want to tag tracks as I suggest, you canmake each audiobook a separate playlist. This lets you control thegrouping and the order of play; but it’s extra work, it cluttersup your menu, and it loses the advantage of the menu on iPod.


Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX)

November 11th, that means it’s the time for our Third Annual SFFaudio Challenge! Today is a day of celebration, a party united, throughout the People’s Republic of SFFaudio. Today, we celebrate the collective achievements of our selfless workers and artists, who are working united for the creative common good, or in the public domain. Today is the day we begin making you make new audiobooks.