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Over a three-year period, Chuck Holton, author, ..

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“Over the years, I’ve respected Tim Brown as an NFL opponent, a teammate, and a friend. In The Making of a Man, you will read what has made Tim the man he is today and learn vital lessons on what being a man is all about. Whether young or old, every guy should read this book.”

For an unknown reason, we then see a shot of a picture upon a wall, with an Icelandic scene in the picture, along with a man that seems to be moving, gesturing Mitty to him. Mitty then nods, grabs a coat and briefcase, runs past a ‘Life’ poster with himself on it, along with the caption “Making Of A Brave Man”, proceeding then to jump aboard a helicopter, followed by some inspirational looking shots of him flying out of a window, playing ball with some people, skateboarding down a country road, and getting whacked in the face by a foreign looking woman.


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