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After the match, Diaz faced the media and talked about different topics. One of them was his opponent’s training partner, Dillon Danis, a 22-year-old black belt who studied under Marcelo Garcia.

Marcelo Garcia talks exclusively with GRACIEMAG and gets emotional when considers that his competition years might be coming to an end. Watch the candid talk with the four times world ADCC champion and five times black belt world champion.


Mingorance Diaz, Pilar, Marcelo Garcia, Carlos:

Sid – I started at the age of 12, I was a boxer man; I just wanted to do boxing. Tyson was my guy, Mike Tyson. Different idols at different stages. When I started Muay Thai then I wanted to be like Tyrone Spong and recently you know its Brazilian jiu-jitsu so you get Marcelo Garcia, Rickson Gracie. These were the ideals and role models that I had.