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Robin And Marian

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The Marian-free ballad tradition was re-energized, especially in America, in Howard Pyle's The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (1883): the only reference to the heroine is that early on Robin thinks of "Maid Marian and her bright eyes" (3). But Marian survives in the popular novel tradition, as in Edward Gilliats' In Lincoln Green (1897), where as a "buxom young woman" with "flaxen hair" (8) she gives Robin a son and a daughter and they all live happily. In Maid Marian and Robin Hood (1902) by Joyce Muddock (the real name of a male popular author) a blonde Saxon beauty “deeply skilled in woodland lore” (25), Marian helps free Robin from execution, eventually joins him and they marry, she becoming "a true wood nymph" (187); but, angry because of Robin's rash daring, she leaves the forest, has dire misadventures and finally her Norman lover brings her and Robin together to die.

The existence of such a figure is recognized, but not as Marian, in the almost always ignored first outlaw novel, Robin Hood: A Tale of the Olden Time of 1819, appearing just as Scott was working on Ivanhoe. The heroine is Ruthinglenne: she loves Robin, goes to the forest to meet him, has difficulties, is brave, does her best to help him in his own problems, and is finally reunited with him to share his life and elevated social status. It is like a parallel, or even parody, of the Marian story found in Munday, but the name Marian is never used and the whole story is made more Gothic by her having to hide in a nunnery and marrying Robin while pretending to be her twin sister.


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[69] After this, Marian and Robin met each other very often. They used to hunt together in the forest, and came to love one another very much indeed. They loved each other so much, that Robin asked Marian to marry him, so that they might never be parted any more.