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  • Plans for this year's Marlboro Blues Festival are well under way.
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(Marlboro Music Festival 50th Anniversary) Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 4; Choral Fantasy / Dvorak / Janacek


Musicians from Marlboro, the touring extension of the renowned Marlboro Music Festival in Vermont, offers exceptional young musicians from the summer Festival together with seasoned artists in chamber music programs of rarely heard works and masterpieces of varied instrumentation. Each year, more than twenty five outstanding artists take time from their regular activities to bring.

In 1993, violonist Kai Vogler and cellists and were looking for a place in Saxony where they could hold a music festival on the model of the Marlboro Festival in the United States. Indeed, these musicians had played there and had very much liked the atmosphere and the concept behind that festival, located in bucolic Vermont. In the end, they chose the Moritzburg Castle, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture built by King Augustus II the Strong, a visionary monarch of Saxony. Throughout the years, the festival has become a touchstone for chamber music, and the related concerts take place in key locations in and around Dresden.


Marlboro Music Festival 2009 Vermont

There are few festivals in the world that command such deep respect and ardent devotion as the Marlboro Music Festival. Set in the leafy picture-perfection of summer in Vermont, this annual event — now in the midst of its 60th year — is almost the anti-festival. There are no glittery pop concerts, no trooping in and out of starry soloists, no picnickers and no classes. Instead, there is a solid seven weeks for artists to come together and work intensively with their peers, who range from extraordinarily promising emerging musicians to the most accomplished and erudite professionals. In short, it's musical heaven — so much so that two of the festival's fabled founders, violinist Adolf Busch and pianist Rudolf Serkin, are buried .