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  • Matsumoto Reiji & Maki Miyako – My Friend Hashire Friend

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The museum’s honorary director Matsumoto Reiji said the purpose of the facility is to inspire a thirst for scientific knowledge in young visitors. The exhibitions have all been designed with the intention of creating a kinaesthetic and exciting learning experience. A 660sq m (7,100sq ft) interactive exhibit zone named ‘Wonderland’ and two 150sq m (1,610sq ft) science labs celebrate and encourage the joy of making.

Ah, the notorious L and R confusion. Is the creator of Space Pirate Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999 Leiji Matsumoto or Reiji Matsumoto? His name can be transliterated either way, and it didn’t help that he thought it was funny to keep the American fans jumping by changing it back & forth. Finally one of his publishers told him to pick one or the other and stick with it, and he chose Leiji. But there are still arguments over whether the English spelling of his popular space pirate should be Harlock or Herlock. And I have already told about the four-way arguing among early anime fans over whether to spell his main enemy’s name Laflesia or Lafresia or Raflesia or Rafresia, until it was discovered that Matsumoto had named her after the giant flower Rafflesia.


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