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Max & Ruby Double Pack (Afternoons With / Party Time)


His face really was only focused at the TV screen when the show came on. Time passed and his birthday was coming up and i didn't know what to give him. I didn't want to buy something easy and simple, like a doll or a simple toy. No, for his 4th birthday, i wanted to give him something that he would love, something that he could spent hours and make memories with. Then i just thought of something, he loved Max And Ruby. I was looking up on eBay. As i couldn't find a Max And Ruby DVD under 20 dollars anywhere else. I found one only for 70 cents. Thinking it was too good to be true, I bought it anyways. I should have listened to myself.

It was a Max and Ruby DVD, but I had not seen one like it online. It was like some little kid had drawn on the front cover with a marker. The title was just, "MAX AND RUBY", with what looked like a poorly drawn illustration of Max and Ruby on the front. There were no names or anything, but on the back it had a list of 4 episodes, all with blunt titles.


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