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Meatballs II


Bill Murray’s first hit movie was Meatballs in 1979. Five years later, Murray would team up with Meatballs director Ivan Reitman once again and the result was one of the biggest comedy films of all time, Ghostbusters. While that film was still burning up the box office in the summer of 1984, there came an in-name-only sequel to their previous effort. Brace yourselves for Meatballs Part II.

Meatballs Part II is a disaster, and I haven’t even touched on John Larroquette’s completely unfunny turn as a flamboyant military commander from the camp across the lake. Other than the summer camp setting, this sequel has nothing in common with the original. Primarily because the original IS funny, and this in-name-only sequel most definitely is not.


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''Morons, wimps, losers,'' goes the most heartening line in ''Meatballs Part II.'' It's a description - and blessedly accurate, too - of the inhabitants of Camp Sasquatch, delivered by Col. Batjack Hershy, the militaristic imbecile who runs the rival Camp Patton on the other side of the lake.